Uncover exactly what you want to know about the market

If there’s one thing the industry needs, it’s market data. First, The Content Shop will design survey questions to tease out exactly what you want to know, then our team will interpret the results into meaningful ideas that you can act on immediately.


  • 1 planning call (up to 60 minutes)
  • Up to 12 survey questions
  • 2 updates based on your feedback
  • Promotional copy for eblast calling for audience responses
  • Survey deployment
  • Spreadsheet of raw data provided in Excel
  • 500-word executive summary provided in Microsoft Word


Allow approximately 5-8 weeks total after the planning call is complete, which includes a window of time to allow for adequate audience responses.

Fine Print:

Drafts of questions for your review are generally provided in 3 business days. The Content Shop does not provide email lists to solicit survey responses. Your feedback and response times will affect final delivery date. Related content to present the results, such as an article, blog, slide deck, etc., must be ordered separately.


Standard $4,150